The Lincoln Memorial North Elevation Cross Section - Blue - Etching Paper Print

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One of Washington's largest and most well known monuments, it serves as an anchor to the western end of the Mall. Statue of Lincoln on the interior is one of the most famous works by noted sculptor Daniel Chester French. The Memorial to Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) was constructed as a monumental commemoration of the sixteenth President, who saw the nation through a divisive war and preserved the Union. While the statue contained within is one of the best known public sculptures in the United States, the prominent setting and classical-revival design of the building have combined to produce an American icon.

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Michael C.

Impossible to read any detail in each version of the plan, so it is of little use in tracking the changes in plans over time.

Love Everything!!

No matter what you order from this place, everything is quality and beautifully done!!!

Allen C.
White specks

There were several tiny white specks scattered over the black background of the print. I tried to ignore it but even my framer noticed it and called me about it.

David S.
Perfect Architectural Touch

This piece is a perfect addition to a space if you enjoy blueprints or architectural photos. It comes on a heavy duty paper and looks great!

Carlos C.
Amazing Quality

Absolutely in love with the quality of framing on the print I ordered. It was the last frame i needed to complete a gallery wall and the color/shade of the wood used was absolutely what i needed. Would definitely order prints from here in the future!