The Georgia State Capitol Building - Dome Cross Section - Black - Framed & Mounted Print

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This is the fourth capitol building owned by the State and has been in continuous use since its completion in 1889. Located atop a hill near downtown Atlanta, it previously contained the Atlanta City Hall and Fulton County Courthouse as well as one of the first city parks in Atlanta. The Capitol is a monumental classical dome and columned structure with a convincing atmosphere of architectural purity and design integrity. Several interior renovations have caused the loss of historic fabric, most notably the State Library, but overall the original design has not been altered. The exterior has been well-maintained and the building's monumentality was enhanced in 1959 when Georgia gold leaf was applied to the surface of the dome and lantern, adding a flourish to the somber, Neo-Classical-Renaissance Revival building. Today the grounds are filled with statuary and other memorials, as well as extensive landscape plantings. Still used as a state house, the Georgia State Capitol continues to be the prime architectural symbol of the state, representing over 100 years of colorful history. It has been a popular attraction for generations of Georgians and their visitors.

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White specks

There were several tiny white specks scattered over the black background of the print. I tried to ignore it but even my framer noticed it and called me about it.

Perfect Architectural Touch

This piece is a perfect addition to a space if you enjoy blueprints or architectural photos. It comes on a heavy duty paper and looks great!

Amazing Quality

Absolutely in love with the quality of framing on the print I ordered. It was the last frame i needed to complete a gallery wall and the color/shade of the wood used was absolutely what i needed. Would definitely order prints from here in the future!

Just perfect!

Love the framed print! It absolutely completes my recently wallpapered wall.

The U.S. Capitol Building - Dome Cross Section - White - Framed & Mounted Print

The U.S. Capitol Building - Dome Cross Section - White - Framed & Mounted Print