The U.S. Capitol Building - 1830 East Elevation - Etching Paper Print

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The U.S. Capitol Building is symbolic of the nation's political system and is the country's most important civic structure. The building set the-precedent for the Classical Revival Style so prevalent in the nation’s capital. Construction following architect William Thornton's original design began in 1793. The North Wing was completed in 1800. Construction continued under architect Benjamin H. Latrobe between 1803-1817. This period included reconstruction after a fire set by the British in 1812. The original low-domed building was completed by architect Charles Bulfinch between 1819-1829. The current House and Senate wings and cast-iron dome were added by architect Thomas U. Walter between 1851-1865. The East Front was extended in 1959 by architect J. George Stewart. The U.S. Capitol building is famous for its extensive use of classical motifs that include columns, pilasters, sculpted pediments, window caps, and roof balustrades. Principal materials include aquia sandstone and marble along with a cast iron dome.

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White specks

There were several tiny white specks scattered over the black background of the print. I tried to ignore it but even my framer noticed it and called me about it.

Perfect Architectural Touch

This piece is a perfect addition to a space if you enjoy blueprints or architectural photos. It comes on a heavy duty paper and looks great!

Amazing Quality

Absolutely in love with the quality of framing on the print I ordered. It was the last frame i needed to complete a gallery wall and the color/shade of the wood used was absolutely what i needed. Would definitely order prints from here in the future!

Just perfect!

Love the framed print! It absolutely completes my recently wallpapered wall.

The U.S. Capitol Building - Dome Cross Section - White - Framed & Mounted Print

The U.S. Capitol Building - Dome Cross Section - White - Framed & Mounted Print